Investing in nature  

Our company develops solutions in the field of production of organic fertilizers and feed additives and the processing of waste and sludge after the mining of mineral raw materials, precious and non-ferrous metals.


Our specialists have developed a technology for the production of humic peat-sapropel concentrate used as a dietary supplement in livestock and poultry farming.


Organic-mineral product for restoring soil fertility and stimulating plant growth.


The company has developed and tested a new environmentally friendly method for the extraction of minerals.

Our company develops solutions in the field of production of organic fertilizers, feed additives and ecological recycling of dumps and tailings after the extraction of minerals, precious and non-ferrous metals.

PRECOGROW in crop production

Restoration of soil fertility Yield enhancement:

  • Winter wheat – 32.5%

  • Barley – 21%

  • Oats – 27%

  • Potatoes – 21%

  • Cabbage – 22%

  • Beet – 36%

  • Peas – 27%

  • Forage grasses – 49%

  •  Poppy – 23%

PRECOCARE in animal breeding

  1. Weight gain of calves up to +18%

  2. Weight gain of maturing heifers +50.9%

  3. Milk productivity up to +14%

  4. Weight gain of weaned pigs +3.6%

  5. Economic profitability on piglets + 13,3%

  6. Lowering the prevalence of dyspepsia by 25%

  7. Weight gain of broilers +19.5%

  8. Yield of healthy chickens +20%

  9. Egg production up to +7%

  10. Poultry safety +12%

  11. Reduction of feed consumption per 1 kg of weight gain: – 10%

  • Extraction of sapropel and peat

  • Production of organic peat and sapropel concentrate with high humic content soil conditioner PRECOGROW and growth stimulator PRECOCARE

  • Processing of humic fertilizer from livestock and poultry production waste or other organic industrial and municipal waste

  • Processing of tailings and waste from mineral, precious, and non-ferrous metal mining.


Sapropel deposits can be found all over the country, but the best are those located far from cities and industrial centers. Such deposits are usually clean, without any trace of anthropogenic or technological influence. We benefit from lakes that have been explored beforehand.


Our technology for processing various types of organic waste does not require any expensive or unique equipment. It is characterized by compactness, ease of operation, low energy consumption, full use of raw materials, and short production times.


The traditional peat and sapropel processing technique is supplemented in our production with some innovative changes: we have perfected the cavitation technology, which significantly increases performance and improves quality at the same time.


We conduct research to find the optimal ratios and concentrations of raw materials, develop processing regimes, optimize joint processing both for peat and sapropel and for organic waste from poultry and animal farms using industrial equipment, and conduct laboratory studies to improve its efficiency.


Today, we have a wide range of technologies for obtaining highly efficient products from peat and sapropel, required in various economic sectors such as agriculture, livestock, poultry, and fish farming, soil reclamation, sorbent production, construction, and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.





Pod Barvířkou 3348/11, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha

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